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Welcome to my new blog-site: gettysburgunconventional.

Several years ago, my wife and I and two dear friends traveled to Gettysburg for a visit that I assumed would be a one-time occurrence, a weekend getaway. Little did I realize that it would be just the first of over forty such trips that would involve countless, enjoyable hours of purposeful wanderings on this historic battlefield, dozens of interviews with historians, park rangers, and leaders of modern-day Gettysburg, and delightful sojourns getting to know the pretty town that teems with little museums, lovely B & B’s, and inviting eateries.  In my upcoming book, Discovering Gettysburg: An Unconventional Introduction to the Greatest Little Town In America and the Monumental Battle That Made It Famous (http://www.savasbeatie.com/index.htm), readers — be they new to the place or ardent enthusiasts of preserving and promoting an understanding of the importance of this battle and its place in our country’s conscience — will be introduced afresh to the history, the park itself, and the “town where ten roads meet” through the eyes of a writer who found himself drawn to the place again and again, astonished by the momentous, awful and inspiring acts that took place roughly 150 years ago.  And I am so pleased to have had one of the most talented illustrators in Pennsylvania, Tim Hartman, join me in producing this unique book.  Indeed, you can see samples of his work throughout this blog site, including the two caricatures on the cover of our book.